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How Long Can the Ukraine War Last?

Theoretically---Until the US Empire’s Credit Card Gets Declined

15.12.22 | Duarte Pacheco Pereira

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Theoretically---Until the US Empire’s Credit Card Gets Declined
Theoretically---Until the US Empire’s Credit Card Gets Declined
Richard Solomon
• The Unz Review • December 13, 2022 • 2,400 Words • Has Comments


What’s the expiration date on the neocons’ Ukraine military adventure? I don’t know. I think Russia will prevail, but not before a Dnieper River of Slavic blood drenches Ukraine’s killing fields and Western nations suffer crippling high-voltage shocks of neoliberal austerity. What would shut down the Ukraine horror show overnight is analogous to the guy who closes his shopaholic wife’s charge accounts after she nearly drives them into Chapter 7 bankruptcy. From behind the Saks Fifth Avenue sales counter laid up with designer dresses, the snooty clerk delivers a message that sends the wife into catatonic shock: “I’m sorry, but your credit card’s been declined.” The US Empire may one day hear those words. When that happens, the video screen will flash, “Game Over.” Not just in Ukraine, but everywhere else too.

America spends more on its military than all the next ten countries combined.* (* Scientific American). The US can still conjure up trillions of Houdini digital dollars out of thin air without going into free-fall hyperinflation. This allows US chickenhawks to continue playing Napoleon long after others would have packed up their toys and headed home. The neocons dragged out the Afghanistan debacle for over twenty years.

The Ukraine Project porcupine has sharp quills. The US and NATO spent billions training their Azov neo-Nazi battalions and provided them with a Mount Kilimanjaro pile of weapons. You might not like their Stepan Bandera politics, but it’s hard to deny that Azov are tough bastards. Zelensky can also push millions of forced conscription civilians into the giant rotating blades. However, it’s not just the Ukrainian military that Russia needs to contend with.

US-NATO spy satellites and high-tech surveillance toys provide logistical support to Zelensky’s forces. When a Ukraine missile strikes a Russian target, it’s likely the Pentagon provided the coordinates. Go SpaceX. Yes, Elon Musk improved Twitter. No, I don’t trust the guy who wants to insert a brain chip in my head and is the “Tony Stark” frontman for the Deep State’s Skynet program.

Some claim that the US military is comprised of functionally illiterate obese dandelions who go into cardiac arrest after ten jumping jacks. I think that’s a big stretch of the reality rubberband. However, even if that were remotely true, it’s not the average US grunt on the ground in Ukraine. It’s the special ops guys—Green Berets, Navy SEALS, and similar outfits. Those dudes throw hard left hooks.

The sun has set on the British Empire (or maybe it was absorbed into the US), but many view the British SAS as the premier elite fighting force. Assuredly they’re in the mix. A trained killer who can quote Shakespeare is a dangerous fellow.

Credible reports state that Poland sent over 10 thousand troops to Ukraine. The Polish government plans to annex a chunk of Ukraine once the sock hop ends. Poland ran the same game seizing German territory following WW I. A decision they came to regret when the Wehrmacht rolled across the state line looking to deal out some bitter payback. Poland has already started receiving “return to sender” shipments of body bags.

Russia also faces Blackwater (now Constellis) and similar corporate armies. The US dollar printing press has enough invisible ink left to cut stacks of mercenary paychecks. Many of these “foreign volunteers” learned their trade in the firepits of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Even if Russia annihilates the entire Ukraine army and its US/NATO advisors and support teams, the neocons still hold a nasty back pocket death card. The CIA’s ISIS proxy army continues to wage holy war against Russia in Syria. For a small pay bump, I think many would gladly relocate to Ukraine for the chance to take jihad to the enemy’s front porch. No doubt the Great Reset club would enjoy watching their ISIS mercenaries springboard from Ukraine to the Balkans to western Europe.

Zelensky said on record that he wants to turn Ukraine into a “big Israel.” (as reported in The Jewish Telegraphic Agency). Given his stated objective, logic dictates that the IDF and Mossad supply him with covert assistance. If a “big Israel” springs up from Ukraine, having it as a neighbor will probably benefit the Europeans as much as it did the Syrians with “little Israel.”

Adding to US tenacity to hold firm in Ukraine is the neocons’ pathological hatred of the Slavic race. Pepertrating Holodomor 2.0 while simultaneously bleeding Russia represents a big Rothschild Zionist lottery win. To the neocon, a child’s blood is like ambrosia from Mt. Olympus. The Ukraine conflict promises morgues full of dead kids. Neocon/neolib Madeleine Albright bragged on network television about her role in starving 500 thousand Iraqi children to death.

Multiple nefarious entities locked their teeth into Ukraine, and it’s going to be hard to make them say ahh. Bill Gates and his Monsanto (absorbed into Bayer) pals intend to seize Ukraine’s rich farmland to further genetically modify and control the global food supply. For the MIC, Ukraine delivered a “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” gold strike. The Federal Reserve bankers love the war debt generated from the Ukraine Project. The Ukraine conflict also provides a steady supply of indentured prostitutes to Zionist mafia sex trafficking rings.

By this point, you might think I’m saying that Russia is deader than a paraplegic tabby cat on an Indy 500 racetrack. Hardly. Russian special forces (Spetsnaz) are some of the toughest and best-trained fighters in the world. The Wagner Group’s (a Russian hybrid version of Blackwater and Rome’s Praetorian Guard) ranks contain Syrian War vets who sent hordes of ISIS fighters to paradise. Don’t forget the Chechen commandos. Those cats rock out harder than Attila the Hun at a Guns and Roses concert.

According to Deep State Google, the Russian military contains one million active personnel and two million reservists. This gives Russia a manpower edge. In war, numbers matter.

Russia also holds a supply line advantage. It can move weapons and men into Ukraine for as long as the conflict lasts. The US relies on the compliance of its European vassals for Ukraine arms shipments. If US neocons continue to dismantle Europe’s economies, they could crack the EU. When enough Europeans realize that their US “ally” turned their nations into bankrupt dystopian hell holes, Europe’s official football chant could become “Yankee go home!”

Russia understands the stakes. If NATO wins in Ukraine, the ensuing ziobankster plunder of Russia will make 1990s Wall Street looting look like a church soup kitchen. NATO victory means Russian national death.

Never underestimate Russian resolve when it comes to defending the motherland. General Paulus (promoted to field marshall by Hitler hours before surrendering to the Soviets) received a hard lesson on the subject during the siege of Stalingrad. General Zhukov’s Red Army forces demonstrated the ferocity of Russian vengeance as they power-blasted their way to the heart of Berlin.

If Zelensky and his cabinet ever face justice in a Russian military court, I think more than a few Albert Pierrepoint aspirants would vie for the chance to pull the rope. I’m not optimistic about that scenario. When the Ukraine experiment finally implodes, I imagine Zelensky & company will be whisked away to sunnier climes in Tel Aviv and Miami. Perhaps the Ukrainians will wake up before that happens, and provide the world with a “Mussolini hanging upside down” cell phone image moment.

Some blame President Putin’s initial “go in lightly” strategy for the protracted nature of this conflict. They called for a “shock and awe” invasion, i.e., blow it up and sort through the pieces later. While in hindsight that seems like the more pragmatic military decision, Putin wanted to avoid destroying Ukraine’s infrastructure and the mass killing of civilians.

Putin is a gifted statesman, but he also has some “gangster” in him. He didn’t come out of the collapse of the Soviet Union as one of Russia’s richest men by playing patty-cake. From what I understand, he made serious Michael Corleone moves. In a brilliant scene from the movie “Scarface,” Tony Montana derails his gangster career by refusing to blow up a mother and her two children with a car bomb. “No wife, no kids.” Ukraine presented Putin with an analogous choice. I can’t judge him. I leave that to history.

Russia is fighting a traditional war. For the neocons—if they win they win, and if they lose they win. As long as the MIC makes record profits, bankers collect war debt, and Israel remains the Middle East hegemon, the neocons consider it a good day. See Iraq.

Viewing the war strategy of the US Anglo-Zionist Empire with a WW2 mindset is an antiquated mind trip. The days of General Patton racing up Italy with a clear objective of victory went the way of the T-Rex. To the neocons, a ruined nation-state covered with rubble and corpses is a victory in itself.

To better understand the Ukraine conflict, it helps to study neocon ideology. The spiritual father of neoconservatism was academic Leo Strauss. He handed the false prophet staff to Irving Kristol who passed it to his son Bill. Neoconservatism is a weird amalgamation of Milton Friedman neoliberal capitalism, Roman Empire power projection, Likud Party Zionism, and the worst possible interpretation of Plato’s Republic.

I think it fair to classify the neoconservative movement as a Jewish* terrorist organization. (*I’m not including innocent Jews in that). While many prominent neocons are non-Jews (Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Lindsey Graham, Mike Pompeo, etc), I believe that at its core, neoconservatism is a Talmudic construct. Full disclosure—I’ve never read the Talmud. My knowledge of it comes from short pathological excerpts that appear online. I realize that taking a piece of text out of context can change its intended meaning, but there appears to be a “Talmudic psychology” that runs through the upper ranks of organized Jewry.

International debt slavery banking originated in ancient Babylon.* Coincidentally, so did the Talmud. I propose that these two forces intertwined and evolved together. The modern iteration of this marriage is Rothschild Zionism. The Old Testament forbids Jews to engage in usury. Under Mosaic law, it’s a capital crime. (*The Sumerians came up with debt slave banking first, but they didn’t export it, nor did they involve Jews).

Looking at it through the lens of Jungian archetype theory, neoconservatism is a branch of “The Synagogue* of Satan.” (*I don’t include ethical Jews who practice the Jewish religion in that). When John the Revelator wrote about the Synagogue of Satan, I doubt he was referring to Jews as a collective body. He was a Jew. The apostles were Jews. Barring Luke, the authors of the New Testament were Jews. For its first two centuries, the Church was primarily Jewish, and Jesus was a Jew. I surmise that John meant the interconnected entity of Pharisees (organized Jewry) and temple money changers (Jewish Central Bankers). Like Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

For the theological record and full disclosure, I identify as a Jewish Hebrew Israelite (or Jew) who follows the Tao. My Talmud is D.T. Suzuki’s “An Introduction to Zen Buddhism.” My bible is the Bible. I use its archetypes and symbols because of my ethnic heritage. If I were a Swede, I might use Thor to plug into Cosmic Intelligence. Some groove on Christ. Others, Buddha, Shiva, Darwin, or space aliens. From my viewpoint, the type of road that takes you there is less important than getting there. Where is “there?” There is there. It’s everywhere and nowhere. You’re probably already there. Ha ha. Isn’t Tao fun? Whoa. Apologies for the hippy-dippy rant. Back to neocons in Ukraine.

What makes the neocons such a dangerous terrorist organization is that, unlike the typical terrorist group, neoconservatives have the backing of the Pentagon, Deep State-Mossad, Zionist Lobby, Federal Reserve, oligarchy, and multinationals. This allowed them to wrack up a post-9/11 body count that would impress Stalin. To make matters worse, the neocons are within arms reach of the nuclear football.

When it comes to Ukraine War analysis I don’t claim to be a von Clausewitz. For play-by-play and battle-by-battle coverage, I recommend former weapons inspector Scott Ritter and The Duran. I also think Mike Whitney provides solid commentary.

What I offer is “big picture” Thomas Paine extrapolation based on past neocon misbehavior. The ecological disaster sabotage of Nord Stream 2 makes sense in the context of 9/11. The neocons wrecked Iraq, Libya, and Syria. They break stuff but don’t put it back together. They spend trillions and kill millions. They prolong unnecessary wars, and after tactical military defeat, move on to the next disaster. Plug Ukraine into the neocon equation and the probable conclusion is that this winds up a long drawn out cluster f*ck. Worse, it could expedite the collapse of Western civilization. Props to Oswald Spengler.

That’s not to say there are no current factors that could shut the Ukraine project down quickly. A neocon think tank might spew out a policy paper that says the circus needs to move to Taiwan ASAP. Jealous of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the neocons could swell up AFRICOM and start targeting China’s African projects. Vietnam 2.0 across Africa—sounds intense. Or they could take the party to the Balkans (it looks like they’re already starting to go after Serbia) and possibly hit the Archduke Ferdinand replay button.

If the neocons succeed in instigating simultaneous direct or proxy wars against Russia, China, and Iran in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, then I’d say we’ve officially entered WW3. We might already be there. All we need is for Skynet to become sentient.

The economic collapse of the US could prevent that scenario. Not a pleasant prospect for those of us who reside there, but it might save the human race from extinction. When the Ponzi money press shuts down, the Ukraine War ends. They’ll also have to close the 1000 or so US military bases and bring home the troops. The neocons will need them to keep the inmates from burning down the American insane asylum. Of course, the neocons could be the ones who wind up receiving special therapeutic treatment. That would be crazy.

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